Respect is Earned

Welcome to C.L.Pincus Jr. & Co., Inc.

Since 1948, C.L. Pincus Jr. & Co., Inc. has been providing quality construction services to the Hampton Roads area and beyond. We maintain the same philosophy as we did when the company was founded…..

Reliability, quality craftsmanship, customer service and old-fashion hard work are the keystones of our company……

The ultimate responsibility for your construction job rests squarely on the shoulders of us, your general contractor. C.L. Pincus Jr. & Co., Inc. is your technical expert, your advisor on local regulations, your project supervisor, your material supplier and your builder. Above all, we are the guardian of your capital investment.

C.L. Pincus Jr. & Co., Inc. has a solid record of financial stability and customer satisfaction supported by 64 years of experience in all phases of building construction. As a member of the nationwide organization of American Buildings Company, we draw upon the specialized knowledge and engineering resources of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings.

Choosing your builder is the utmost important decision. It calls for an assurance of integrity as well as professional competence if you expect to get what you contract for. Before you make this decision, we invite you to examine our company history, capabilities and past projects. Some of our best references are the actual buildings we have built and the customers who occupy them.